How boats are built?

Maybe you had asked yourself before how something so big and perfect had been built by humans. It is true that there are many different types of boats and its construction depends on the size and its purpose, so let’s see some examples:

This is the first time-lapse of a cruise ship construction. It was filmed by Max C. Moos, and believe that it is worth to watch the full video. Take a minute to thing about the dimensions of the ship, it is breath-taking how something so heavy can float in  the water. If you are curious about how this is possible, check out our post “How boats can float?”


Ok… We admit it, the technology used is not affordable for everyone. Maybe what you were looking for was a little bit different. For instance, the next boat example was fully built by driftwood and reclaimed construction scraps, with a budget of… $300!!! Isn’t it brilliant?! Hands up who wants to know how it was done.


And the last one it is a “for-everyone-tutorial”. You might need a little patience, but follow the instructions and enjoy it!





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